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Indonesia Specialist is proud to be offering a new product: tailor-made Indonesian language courses that are taught online. Learn Indonesian in the convenient setting of your own company or home, at a time that suits you best. Our language tutors all hold a degree in Indonesian Studies or are native speakers of Indonesian; most tutors also have a decade of experience teaching language and acculturation courses in an offline setting.

Using a range of teaching materials and a unique teaching formula, our online courses are designed for business people and members of the general public who want to learn Indonesian or improve their Indonesian language skills. Though our unique approach means that courses are tailor-made to the requirements of each individual student, courses generally consist of written teaching material, interactive exercises, and several online language classes taught by two different teachers. Separate acculturation courses can be arranged on request, and acculturation modules can be built into a language course. Prices range between £35/hour and £50/hour. Please contact us at for more information.


A major advantage of our online Indonesian language courses is that courses can be organized at a time that suits your company and your employee best. In addition, courses can be arranged regardless of the location in which your company or employee is based. The course material can be adapted to focus on words and phrases that your employees are likely to encounter in their communications with your Indonesian business partner, or centre on particular situations that your employees are likely to encounter.

For corporate one-on-one or group courses in London or the Kent area, please contact us at or click here. Learning Indonesian through our online and ‘live’ language and acculturation courses will give your employee and your company a head start in all dealings with your Indonesian business partner.

Individuals and groups

We also offer tailor-made online Indonesian language courses to members of the general public. Prices start from £35/hour, but rates drop considerably if you book a course with a group of friends. Please contact us at for more information or to register your interest, specifying any information that might be relevant, such as your previous experience with the Indonesian language, mother tongue (online courses can be taught in English or Dutch), expectations for the course, and whether you would like to include an acculturation module in your course. What better way to prepare for your dream holiday in Indonesia? And while you are out there, why not pay a visit to Villa Resort Great Mountain Views in Duda, Selat, Bali, with its stunning views of Mt Agung ( We have recently teamed up with Great Mountain Views and plan to organize language and acculturation courses on this location from 2012 onwards.


Indonesia Specialist will happily assist you with all your Indonesian translation work. We specialize in Indonesian/English and Indonesian/Dutch translations, but will also be able to translate your document from or into other language combinations. Please enquire about the possibilities of translating documents from and into regional Indonesian languages (Javanese, Balinese) or Malaysian. Indonesia Specialist works for individuals as well as companies. Whether your assignment is big or small, we will always strive to provide you with a translation of the highest quality for a competitive rate.


Rates are dependent on the language pair required, the complexity of the text, the purpose of the translation and the urgency of the assignment. Rates will moreover be higher for a translation that needs to be certified. Charges may be added for rush work and for work that has to be completed at weekends, while discounts may be provided for high volumes of work and returning custom. Please submit your source text to obtain a full quote free of charge (


Indonesia Specialist specializes in the editing of books and articles on Southeast Asia, notably Indonesia. We have worked for renowned academic publishers as well as individuals. As we are knowledgeable on the subject of your text, we will be able to provide you with bespoke comments and editorial suggestions. We will also be able to check the spelling or translation of the Indonesian quotations and terms used in your English document, or proofread texts in Indonesian or English written by non-native speakers. We calculate hourly rates or alternatively agree on a price per project. Please submit your source text to obtain a full quote free of charge (


We provide research and consultancy services for academic and government institutions, particularly on the subjects of Indonesian culture, media or literature. We also entertain friendly relations with many of Indonesia’s major film and cultural experts. We are happy to provide your business with sound cultural and linguistic advice, translating or discussing your business plan or strategies. Naturally you can rely on our discretion.

Our rates for consultancy projects depend among others on the nature, duration, difficulty and urgency of the assignment. Please contact us at to discuss your request and receive a full and binding quote.


Corporate language and acculturation courses (London and Kent area only):

All our corporate courses are tailor-made to suit your needs. Please submit your request, detailing the number of employees that will take part in the course, a timeline and your specific requirements ( 

NEW! Language courses for the general public

We are delighted to now be offering our first courses for the general public in the UK (Kent area only). Courses will be held on a weekly basis and will last one hour.

  1.   Introductory price: £50/course (taster course: 6 weeks, including teaching material and refreshments).

  2.   New beginners courses will start in January 2011 and September 2011. Please note that courses require a minimum of   

  3.   eight students.

Please register your interest in our language courses free of charge and without any obligation at We will contact you once we can confirm that a course is taking place. 

NEW! Courses on location: courses in Villa Resort Great Mountain Views, Duda, Selat, Bali.

Indonesia Specialist is delighted to announce that we have now joined forces with Great Mountain Views, a beautiful villa resort located in Bali’s mountainous interior boasting views of Mt Agung ( Together with the staff of GMV we will strive to develop the cultural and language courses that will run at this resort from 2012 onwards. Please contact us at or for more information.

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