Services – Individuals and groups

Indonesia Specialist is happy to handle requests from both companies and individuals. Due to its access to a network of Indonesia experts, native speakers and linguists, Indonesia Specialist can act swiftly on your requests, be they big or small. From wedding certificates to letters from foster parent children: Indonesia Specialist is happy to deal with your translation or consultancy requests. Please contact us at to obtain your free quote.


Indonesia Specialist also targets holidaymakers who wish to learn the language and customs of the country that they are about to visit. A recent survey revealed that only one in ten UK workers can speak a foreign language, while it has been scientifically proven that learning another language will ‘boost’ the brain.[1] Having over a decade of experience teaching Indonesian to groups of adults of different ages, educational levels and professional backgrounds in the Netherlands, Indonesia Specialist is delighted to now be offering this service to UK customers (Kent area only). Indonesia Specialist provides language and acculturation courses which combine serious learning with a fun approach. What better way to counter the image of Britons as ‘language barbarians’[2], while preparing for an unforgettable holiday experience at the same time!

If you would like to learn Indonesian or improve your Indonesian language skills, but you are unable to attend our ‘live’ courses, then our online language courses might be for you. Please click here for more information or contact us at for more information or to register your interest.



A tjitjak, or Asian house gecko, has found shelter in a lamp in a hotel room in Indonesia. Tjitjaks can be found all over Indonesia.