Indonesia Specialist will happily assist you with all your Indonesian translation work. We are specialized in Indonesian/English and Indonesian/Dutch translations, but will also be able to translate your document from or into other language combinations. Please enquire about the possibilities of translating documents from and into regional Indonesian languages (Javanese, Balinese) or Malaysian. Indonesia Specialist works for individuals as well as companies. Whether your assignment is big or small, we will always strive to provide you with a translation of the highest quality for a competitive rate.


Rates are dependent on the language pair required, the complexity of the text, the purpose of the translation and the urgency of the assignment. Rates will moreover be higher for a translation that needs to be certified. Charges may be added for rush work and for work that has to be completed at weekends, while discounts may be provided for high volumes of work and returning custom. Please submit your source text to obtain a full quote free of charge (

Colourful fishing boats laying on a beach on Bali, waiting to be taken to the sea by local fishermen.

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