We contract Indonesia Specialist for English language checks and

extensive copy editing services for various scholarly academic book

publications on Indonesia/Southeast Asia (for specific examples, see

the ‘Our Work’ section on this website). We are invariably impressed

by the quality of these services, and we are very comfortable with the

associated fees and the way in which deadlines are met. We highly

recommend Indonesia Specialist to publishers of academic and other

specialist books and journals.

Drs. Kees Waterman MA, KITLV Press, Leiden, the Netherlands

Guest book of an Indonesian hotel located in a rather inaccessible location. This photo features two languages that are important in Indonesia: bahasa Indonesia, the national language, and English, a language particularly significant in business and the tourist industry. In addition to these two languages, Indonesia boasts over seven hundred other languages and dialects, with numbers of speakers varying from approximately 80 million (Javanese) to just a few dozen.*